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Customizing medications that are not commercially available is called Compounding. Whether it be adding flavor to an antibiotic for a child, producing a transdermal cream to bypass the stomach, a hormone replacement therapy or a topical gel to treat your favorite pet, our compounding pharmacists can do it all.

Compounding offers the patient as well as the physician flexibility in the choice of drug, strength and dosage form. It allows for a truly customized drug regimen as patients often
respond better to a personalized medication that is just what the doctor ordered.

Sparta Pharmacy now has an off-site, state of the art compounding facility

Our newly renovated off-site compounding facility is USP 800 compliant which ensures patient safety, worker safety, and environmental protection.

Our specially trained compounding pharmacists and staff work closely with physicians and patients to determine the most accurate and safest compounded prescription to meet the individuals needs.

Pain Management

Paint Management

Pain management is essential as even though the underlying disease process may be stable, uncontrolled pain prevents you from working productively, enjoying recreation or even taking pleasure in everyday life.



Animals and pets are an important parts of our lives. We will work hand in hand with your veterinarian to compound medications into a customized dosage strength, flavor or form for your pet.

Hormonal Therapy


In searching for hormone replacement therapy, several women are now seeking the help of compounding pharmacists to create bio-identical hormone combinations. These are considered much safer than several commercially available drugs.



We know treating children can be challenging especially when it involves taking multiple medications during the day. Kids will resist their medications due to the taste or texture, have difficulty swallowing solid forms or are fearful of injections.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

The potential for injury and athletic competition go hand in hand. Treating sports-related injuries has always been a challenge, but today’s compounding pharmacists offer new therapies that ensure a rapid return to fitness.

Free $15 gift card

To spend on anything in our store,
when you transfer three prescriptions.

Free $15 gift card

To spend on anything in our store, when you transfer three prescriptions.